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I’m the son of an African-American Baptist Minister. I was raised in a liberal European-American American Baptist church. The family values and Christian values I was raised with were ones of tolerance and acceptance of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender) people as children of God, even if not embracing the lifestyle.

In the years since being raised with that guidance, I have met enough LGBT people to realize that this is true.

When I heard President Obama take a stand for Gay Marriage, I was pleased, especially as he defined it as a civil right issue.

When Colin Powel, The NAACP and La Raza vocally and prominently agreed, well, it was about time.

Then, when I heard that an influential group of African-American ministers was convening a meeting in Washington to figure out what to do about this endorsement of Gay Marriage, and how to stop it, well…

I thought, and I remembered the struggle that many of these ministers and congregations went through to win Civil Rights on the basis of race in America. I remember this mostly through the photographs of the time, as I was too young to be there.

And I wondered what it would have been like, if LGBT rights had looked like racial segregation, in the “Separate But Equal America” of those times.

As I am a visual effects artists, and a web developer, it was easy to make a few answers.
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