Gov. Romney – Save Our Christian America


In the week before the election, at a Romney - Ryan rally in Ohio, Vice Presidential candidate Ryan is confronted by Christian conservative protesters.


They demand that Governor Romney take a clear and concise stand against homosexuality. Otherwise, they will withhold their votes, and deny him the election.


The movement to secede from America if Romney does not win, by Judge Tom Head in Lubbock Texas, gains momentum the weekend before the vote...


Romney promises, that with his win, on the day after the election, he will immediately, start a kinder and gentler transition to a Heterosexual America.


And, while the new President Romney realizes he can't turn back Homosexual rights overnight...


On his first day in office, he starts the process by segregating the military. They will ask! You must tell! And, it becomes separate but equal service.


Civilian establishments in military towns quickly embrace this new edict. Bans go into place overnight...


And many town use this new found segregation as a convenient way to rein in soldiers at "Liberty", before things get out of hand.


The acceptance of gender preference discrimination spreads quickly through these military towns...


So much so at civilian establishments, in states where Gay discrimination is legal, it becomes impossible to live a Gay life off base...


And it becomes increasingly difficult to find accommodation on some military bases as well...


Gay soldiers began having a great deal of trouble in towns where they were stationed...


The locals felt they could openly challenge them and enforce this new code of segregation.


The townies got so hostile, they had to set up a separate area at the bus station, just for the Gays to get to and from base for leave.


Once the word got out, in cities and towns where Gays "Needed Corralling", at first signs went up quickly...


But soon after, it lead to more permanent signage. And, there were signs for denoting straight and gay accommodations.


It didn't take long for people to demand that "Separate but Equal" accommodations be installed Everywhere. And they were, side by side...


Soon that was not enough for some, and they demanded "Straight Only" for all their shops and services.


And in the "Redder" states in this country, separate living accommodations were becoming the law. It generated many jobs...


At some establishments, "Separate but Equal" seemed to be working out for everyone.


But at others... The mixing of the Gay and Straight... It was becoming unacceptable in many parts of America...


It didn't take long for some municipalities to separate all services, on the sides of town where it was "Convenient" for those communities.


And some municipal services, such as Justice of the Peace, were only offered on the "Straight" side of town.


But people adjusted, and everything seemed as if it were going along just fine. "Separate but Equal" was working well across the United States.


All groups were getting access to all facilities and amenities offered in a "Free America". The country was prospering.


And the real proof was that the Gay parts of town were vital and booming in the new Segregated South...


But as the economy soured, just before midterm elections, "Straight" became the only kind that could get any help or opportunity.


The segregation began to get fierce. Co-mingling was no longer allowed.


And at a very early age, you had to commit to a lifestyle... "Straight" or "Gay"!


As the anger increased, the protests heated up, and neighborhoods were "Red Lined" to quell tensions.


All Housing quickly becomes segregated as a Tea Party Super Majority sweeps the senate midterm...


Formerly Gay friendly business are now only open to "Straight" customers.


And the Gays are pushed into their own separate self governing autonomous communities.


As the segregation becomes intense, a backlash begins, and many join together to halt "The Straight Agenda"


Being recognized as a "Hetero Business" becomes the key to prosperity, as edict of the new congress demands that all government contracts only go to "Hets".


As 2016 approaches, and Re-election is near, opponents try to mount opposition with a cross country bus tour...


But by this time, "The Fag Menace" has become a boogie man of unstoppable juggernaut...


The tide of parts of the nation turn to pure and outright separation of those who's lives are led less than "Biblically"...


The bus tour is a success in the "Blue States", causing the incumbent to scramble for the battleground...


But Mitt dusts off a old trunk from his High School Days, and pulls out a hunting license that wins him NRA support, and a second term...


Even before he is inaugurated a second time, what's coming is already in the air, and election promises will be fulfilled...


And on the first day of his second term, just as promised, the signs go up, as "Relocation" begins...


For any gays that wouldn't go peacefully, many "Straights" were deputized to get the relocation off to a fast start.


And all Gays were taken to "Vacation Camps", where they could live out the rest of their lives in "Peaceful Bliss"...


Where they were free to roam the grounds, and live out their lives of "Gayness"...


And the only way to get out of these "Relocation Camps" is to serve in the military...


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This slideshow has been inspired by the 2012 Presidential Election. If Governor Romney wins, I’ve been able to predict the future, using images from the past…

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